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Over.a decades research and taking a good hard look at the real estate industry and revealing why it is so broken. This easy to read eye opening book is a must if you are looking to buy or sell and you can instantly download it now to help you on your journey. . 
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Over the past 15 years Chris has run free educational events online and offline with the goal of opening up buyers and sellers eyes. His belief is that the agent runs THIER business to maximise their income at your expense. It doesn't have to be that way and Chris' events teach you strategies give you back the control.
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One of the most important steps to understanding home values is to start to look at and record weekly results. Follow this link to access the most up to date sales data for your state and suburb. 
Latest Articles
Chris is a leading authority when it comes to real estate and advocating for ethics in the industry. His articles and comments often appear in the media and he has authorised various books and resources over the past 15 years. Chris writes to provide an insight into what goes on behind the scenes in real estate and gives different views on government schemes and housing affordability. 
What We Do Best
Ethical Fee Structure & FAQ

We operate on a fair price theory have two options when working with us. 

Option A: (Most Popular)
We take 20% of the agents commission, plus we cap our referral fee at $3,850 including GST.

We use a cap so that if you live in a suburb with higher fees then we are not taking advantage of you. In fact, we can give you even more value, the more your home is worth.

Option B:
Set fee of $3,850 which is payable on settlement so you are not out of pocket and you only pay on a successful sale. It also comes with a guarantee you will save this money and more by using the service so the net result is you pay nothing.

How do we compare to other vendor advocates?

A case study from 2022 showed our two major competitors for a property that sold for $1.275m would have charge the following:.

Competitor One: $12,271

Competitor Two: $10,518

Our Fee: $3,850 plus agent feedback is our clients get a far superior service.

As you can see we could charge more (a lot more) but know for good agent relationships and getting you the best net result for you, that this model is the fairest in the marketplace.

Is there a conflict of interest?

Whilst we have used many agents over time and been very happy with the outcomes, each property is unique. Also agents databases change, so our process is all about the right agent for you, right now.

The real estate industry is riddled with conflicts of interest and we are committed to standing on our own and being a service that is ethical and works always in your interest.

It is standard practice in the real estate industry for referrals to agents to receive 20%-50% of the agents commission. For the most part this fine, but it can cause the following conflicts of interest.

1) The referrer chooses their mates who may not be best suited for the job

2) The commission rate is increased to cover all or part of the referral fee meaning the service comes at an additional cost.

With this in mind we have pioneered an ethical pricing model to overcome all conflicts of interest so you can move forward with the confidence that you are getting the best service at a fair commission rate.

We don't allow agent's to bump up their fees to cover our costs.

We do a lot of background work and spend time understanding your needs and what is required to sell your home. The 20% we are paid is actually disproportionate to the time, skill and value we bring to the sale. For example if we spend 20 hours on your sale they are not spending anywhere near 80 hours.

Agent's understand this, and therefore are happy to split the commission as by working with us we have done a lot of the background work already. They not only save time but get a higher quality client (by engaging us the whole sales process is streamlined) They also want to do a great job as it could lead to future opportunities.

Prefer A Set Independent Fee?

Some clients prefer to pay us a fee instead of being paid via the referral system. This keeps the two transactions independent and removes removes further any real or perceived conflict of interest. Either way our reputation is too important you get the 100% independent service either way.

Case Studies
We assist by finding you the best agent to sell your property when you are ready. We follow a process of
- securing fair commission,
- fair marketing
- using the best strategy to sell YOUR home
- reviewing agent agreements to make sure
-being a sounding board for the sale


You have to remember that agents are selling homes and negotiating on commissions all the time and know how far they can push you as most likely you only sell a few times in your life.

On behalf of our clients we follow a process and do research to find what is a fair commission rate in your area. We understand not all agents are paid the same and this can help you understand before you start who may be a suitable agent for your home. 

Saving A Client $20,000+

We was approached by the executor of a will to assist and advise on the best agent for the estates property as well as a fair commission rate. So far they had been quoted 1.5% but they did not get a good feeling about the agents and engaged us to assist in the process.

We quickly discovered that yes 1.5% was fairly standard for the area BUT this was not a standard home as it was in a residential area but on 1 acre of land and was valued at 3 times a median home for the area. The commission therefore was estimated to be over $42,000 in what would be a very straightforward campaign. We were able to call out the agents and negotiate


Years of experience has lead us to a point where there really is not a scenario that we have not seen before. Unfortunately many agents follow a system, rather than run a campaign based on real time data.

No assistance from Undercover Agent

The vendor went into the auction with a reserve price of $1.1m and was told that was realistic. The bidding was strong from one party but when their competition stopped bidding at $1.070m the agent pressured them to announce on the market so stimulate the bidding. They agreed but there was no further bidding so the property sold for $30,000 less than their reserve.

If they had stayed strong and stuck to their original reserve, it is very likely it would have been achieved (and maybe more) by passing on the property instead. In this pressure situation by having a professional on their side they would have understood they had more options and sold for tens of thousands more.

Undercover Agent AND an Agent

My client decided to go down the auction path and armed with the many scenarios that could happen on the day they set a reserve that was $100,000 above the agent's recommendation. This protected their position and with the condition it still could not be put on the market even if this figure was reached we worked with but didn't give up control to the agent.

This Training Is Essential For You If:
This Training Is Essential For You If:
  • You have always been skeptical of real estate agents, and want to know from an insider how they operate, and what to look for.

  • You are about to sign with a real estate agent, but still have a bad gut feeling or are not sure you know enough.

  • You know selling is going to be stressful and want to learn how to reduce that stress.

  • You are overwhelmed with the prospect of selling and want full confidence in the selling process.

  • You want to be know how to be protected, and to make sure your agent is doing everything to get the top price.
Here Are 5 IMPORTANT Reasons You Must Attend The Event

  • Experience wise, you are dealing with an agent that has hundreds of transactions, this may be your first or second. I help level that playing field so you have someone with hundreds of transactions of experience on your team too.

  • You may not have considered that a slight change in your strategy can add tens of thousands of dollars to your account.

  • Knowledge is power. You are in control of your sale until the moment you sign with an agent. Does that seem fair? It doesn't have to be that way if you understand how to keep control.

  • You may be buying a home also, if so, this session will be like a two for one deal. You can apply the lessons and case studies to both sides of the transaction.

  • This could be the most important 75 minutes (seriously) of your selling journey. Sounds extreme but I have no franchise or boss to answer to. You will hear the truth and the case studies to back it up.
Media Chris Has Appeared In Sharing His Expert Views
Meet Chris Bellesini
Chris' real estate resume is impressive, but also unique, which is why he is in the special position of being able to share his knowledge with home sellers Australia wide.

Initially with an accounting background, Chris moved into real estate in 2007, and ever since has been a large advocate for ethics, in a less than honest and transparent industry.

He become an agent and obtained his full licence with the intention of changing the world, but like others before him, discovered this was no easy feat (at least from the inside).

That is why he became proudly independent and is able to assist clients with selecting and protecting their interests when selling their homes. His model is set up to be fully accessible by any home seller with no additional cost compared to if you went direct to an agent.

The other piece of the puzzle to Chris' ability to see a property transaction from may angles. This skill was obtained through his work as a personal assistant to a successful developer who sold a property once every 12 days in the 3.5 years Chris worked with him.

Want to know how to squeeze the best price out of your home? Believe Chris when he says he learnt from the master.

On a personal level, Chris is an Ironman, marathoner and basketballer. He is married with two young daughters and whilst he loves real estate, family is #1!
Happy Clients
I'm convinced every sale needs a vendor specialist...
I sold a property 2 years ago and had a good experience with the agent but this time after consulting with Chris engaged him to help sell my most recent home. After background checks and thorough research the agent he selected got an amazing result within 3 weeks in a tough market.
I believe engaging Chris helped me achieve at least $15,000 more for the property. The only downfall is it highlighted how much I may have undersold the last property for! Thanks again, I'm convinced every sale needs a vendor advocate.

Andrew Surrao
Brighton East VIC
Chris' processes and communication with us and the agent was key to a successful sale
We were was selling an investment property in Tasmania and managing this from Melbourne and not understanding how agents work or being able to meet them in person was a challenge. Chris' processes and communication with us and the agent was key to a successful sale. Thanks again
Gary & Jules
Chelsea VIC
Thanks to your advice we were able to see that this commission structure could have cost us more than $10,000
Our preferred agent was trying to convince us that having a bonus built into the commission structure would motivate him to get the best price. Thanks to your advice we were able to see that this commission structure could have cost us more than $10,000. Showing us how to deal with the agent was invaluable as it gave us confidence and protected us against many things we didn't know. 
Andrew & Lesley
Bayswater VIC
Chris helped me both buy and sell 
Chris helped me both buy and sell. I had an investment property with a tenant still living in it so there was a bit to work through prior to the sale. Chris interviewed agents to assist with the most suited agent and gave invaluable input with the strategy to sell. After the sale he also supported me with my purchase of my new home and showed me buying at auction is not so scary!
Oakleigh VIC
I really didn't know how to go about selecting an agent...
I really didn't know how to go about selecting an agent but Chris was able to provide an enormous amount of information about how to go about the process and many many tips that I believe will help save me many thousands of dollars in the sale of my house.
Blackburn VIC
Win Win Property
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Forest Hill VIC 3131


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